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Opticare Vision Center Introduces the New Zeiss OCT Scanner

Opticare Vision Center is proud to announce the most recent ground breaking technological addition to their practice, the revolutionary new Zeiss OCT scanning device for advanced optical imaging. This amazing technology is similar to a CT scan, and is used to scan the retina and optic nerve at such an incredibly high resolution that it can give doctors an accurate image of your eye down to 1/10,000,000 of an inch. That's many times thinner than a human hair!

oct patient (1668 x 1251)   oct2 (2016 x 1512)

OCT technology is mainly used to investigate, diagnose and monitor common sight threatening eye conditions, such as glaucoma and macular disease. It can also be used to detect many different eye conditions, ranging from glaucoma and macular holes, to wet macular degeneration and vitreo-macular traction.

Dr. Josiah Young says that he and his colleagues at Opticare Vision Center are happy that they were able to acquire this innovative new technology, and are excited to demonstrate its ability to benefit their patients. “Among the most exciting aspects of the Zeiss OCT,” comments Dr. Young, “is the ability it grants us to detect and treat eye diseases long before a patient ever begins experiencing symptoms and/or vision loss. In the case of Glaucoma, especially, the Zeiss OCT has become the gold standard.”

Patients at Opticare Vision Center are excited about the arrival of the Zeiss OCT scanning device to the practice, as well. When asked why he believed patents were so excited, Dr. Young explains, “Our patients are happy to see us growing and acquiring new technologies to better serve their eye care needs. We are always investing in ways to detect conditions earlier, and treat them more effectively, and the arrival of the Zeiss OCT is evidence of this.”

Dr. Young and his colleagues recommend an OCT to every patient, but specifically point to a need for OCT scans in cases in which early stages of glaucoma or macular disease of any kind are suspected. Dr. Young explains that the patient experience is comfortable, convenient and completely painless, “A patient will be seated in front of the instrument and instructed to look for various targets in the field of view. Within a matter of only a few seconds, the OCT image is acquired and the scan is complete.”

For more information, come speak to Dr. Josiah Young about the new Zeiss OCT Scanning Device, today!

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