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Eyeglass Repairs

broken glasses bandaidAnyone who wears eyeglasses knows that frames are very fragile it only takes an instant for something unexpected to happen to them that would necessitate a repair or adjustment.

Here are just a few of the most common adjustments that we see in our office:

  • Frame is misaligned
  • Frame is twisted or bent
  • Loose or missing screw in the frame arms
  • Frame arm is broken off from the frame
  • The bridge (the part over the nose) broke in half
  • Missing or broken nose pages
  • Scratched or damages lenses

Two questions to first consider are “Can my glasses be repaired?’ and “Is it worth the cost to repair my glasses?”

To answer those important questions, we recommend that you call us or drop by to enable one our professional optician to evaluate the extent of the repair. What you think might be a lost cause may turn out to be a simple adjustment.

We advise that outside of something simple such as tightening a loose screw, that you let a trained professional handle your eyeglass repair. You’ve invested a great deal of money and resources into your glasses and maintaining good eyesight in general, so allow our trained opticians to diagnose and address your particular issue.

Come visit one of our Opticare locations, or give us a call.

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