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Safe Contact Lens & Eyeglass Wear During the Coronavirus

By Dr. Josiah Young. O.D.

With the Coronavirus around, everybody's been asking about good hygiene and I wanted to talk to you about contact lens wear and eyeglasses wear.

Contact lenses are totally safe to wear during this time, you just have to make sure you use common sense. Good handwashing, just like prevention of the virus being spread in all other cases, is essential for contact lens wear as well. So you need to make sure you wash your hands. Wash for 20 seconds, use a clean or unused towel to dry your hands and then handle your lenses.

Daily contact lens wearers disposables are going to be your best option during this time. If you don't have dailies, just make sure you are using a good multipurpose solution or disinfectant solution for the night time soaking of your contact lenses - that could be the peroxide-based solutions or the there are several varieties of the multipurpose solution.

Don't use just regular saline solution. And if you're in doubt, throw your lenses away or don't wear them. It's also been advised not to wear your lenses if you are currently sick, so stick with eyeglasses.

if you're wearing your glasses and you're touching your glasses with your hands, make sure you also clean your glasses. Wipe off the temples and the parts that touch your face with rubbing alcohol and kind of let it dry. Those tips will help keep your glasses and contact lens wear wearing safe and comfortable for you during this time.

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