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Getting to Know Dr. Leah Akin, OD

dr leah akin1) What brought you to the Northern Kentucky area and to Opticare Vision Centers in particular?  I grew up in Hebron and always hoped to return home to the Northern KY area to practice. When an opportunity with Opticare became available I knew it would be a great fit because they take the time to treat each patient with the most personalized care, and that is something that I strive to do as well.

2) How did you become interested in optometry? I was interested in the medical field for as long as I can remember, and after getting glasses at age 16 I started to consider optometry as a great career option. I shadowed several different optometry practices during undergrad and loved the work-life balance that optometry offers

3) Where did you go to Optometry school? Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN

4) What do you like most about the work you do?  Helping others to use their vision to their fullest potential. I love that no two patients are ever the same!

5) Do you have any specialties or aspects of eyecare that you are particularly passionate about? I really enjoy seeing kids as well as ocular disease patients.

6) What designer frame line would you say most aligns with your personality, and why? I love Modo’s frame line for their classic styles with a pop of bold color!

7) What is your favorite piece of optometric technology and why? I love having an OCT to diagnose so many different retinal conditions, it’s a great tool for patient education and monitoring changes over time.  

8) What interests or excites you the most in the field of optometry? It is such a diverse field to go into. There are so many different aspects to specialize in that allow you to focus on your specific interests and refer cases to other colleagues who may specialize in something else. There is always more to learn.

9) What trends do you see developing over the next several years in the industry and how do you stay ahead of them? I see a huge increase in the variety of technology that is becoming available for both diagnosing and treating different conditions. I try to stay as up to date as possible by completing continuing education courses to learn about things that are up and coming, whether it is something I use on a regular basis or not.

10) Please share a patient experience that stands out in your mind? One of the most impactful encounters I’ve had was with a patient who came in because her glasses were about 5 years old and she wanted to update them. During her routine exam, I discovered a very large choroidal melanoma and was able to refer her to an oncologist so that she could begin treatment. That experience is always a reminder that even patients without any complaints or concerns can have serious conditions that optometrists may be the first to detect.

11) What do you like to do in your spare time? Travel whenever possible! I also love to bake, take care of my collection of houseplants, and play with my crazy dog Pepper.

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