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Video: Dr. Kristen Gunn on Eyecare Treatment after a Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury

In the video above, Dr. Kristen Gunn of Opticare Vision Centers in Northern Kentucky shares her expertise about patients who have had a concussion or multiple concussions and patients who have had mild traumatic brain injuries.

A lot of times patients will ask me what kind of symptoms they should expect when experiencing something like this and there isn't really a straightforward response. The symptoms aren’t black and white for every patient. There are definitely a variety of symptoms that patients can experience and it really differs from patient to patient.

The most common symptoms that I’ve seen are light sensitivity and a lot of anxiety especially going out in public and in crowded spaces.  There are also definitely issues with focusing even on the simplest daily activities that used to not take any concentration at all.

So what we do during the exam is really listen to the patient and have them tell us in detail what they're experiencing so we can get a full understanding of what they're going through.

We do the full examination just to make sure everything is healthy and then we go into some pretty intense muscle and focusing testing but we never want to push it too hard. When you push too hard even with the treatment it can cause a lot of issues as far as even reverting back to getting worse and worse, so we really need to be careful with how much we push the treatment.

The treatment can range from glasses with prism which is a very specific prescription catered to you and how your eye muscles work together. Or possibly getting your eye muscles to work kind of like physical therapy for your muscles which is called vision therapy. Please reach out if you have any questions to our Newport or Ft. Mitchell offices.

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