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Wake Up to Perfect Vision with Orthokeratology

Imagine waking up every day and seeing the world clearly, without the hassle of glasses or contacts. That’s the freedom orthokeratology offers! At [practice name], we can fit you with custom-designed lenses you wear overnight, so you can experience sharp vision all day long.

What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is a non-surgical vision correction technique that gently reshapes your cornea while you sleep. Specially designed, rigid gas-permeable lenses apply gentle pressure to temporarily flatten the central curve of your cornea, correcting your vision. When you remove the lenses in the morning, your eyesight remains clear all day without needing glasses or daytime contact lenses.

Paragon CRT Lenses for Myopia Control

Paragon CRT (corneal refractive therapy) lenses are a type of orthokeratology lens, and several factors make them a great option for myopia management:

  1. Myopia Control: Paragon CRT lenses are effective in managing and potentially slowing myopia progression in children and adolescents, which can help reduce the risk of developing higher levels of myopia.
  2. Comfort and Convenience: Made from highly breathable, gas-permeable materials, Paragon CRT lenses allow for comfortable overnight wear, providing clear vision throughout the day without the inconvenience of daytime lenses.
  3. FDA Approved: Paragon CRT lenses are FDA-approved, ensuring they meet high safety and efficacy standards for overnight corneal reshaping.
  4. Customizable Fit: These lenses are custom-designed for each patient’s eye shape and prescription, ensuring an optimal fit and effective vision correction.
  5. Freedom from Glasses: By wearing Paragon CRT lenses, users can enjoy clear vision during the day for sports, swimming, and other daily tasks.

Is Ortho-K Right for You?

Ortho-k might be the perfect solution if you’re nearsighted and tired of relying on glasses or contacts. While suitable for adults and children with mild to moderate myopia, a comprehensive eye exam will determine if you’re a good candidate. We’ll evaluate your corneal health, tear production, and overall eye health to ensure ortho-k is a safe and effective option.

Start Your Ortho-K Journey With Opticare Vision Center

Getting started with ortho-k is a seamless and straightforward process. Our optometrists will begin with a comprehensive eye exam to determine if ortho-k is the right solution for your vision needs. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we’ll take precise cornea measurements to custom-fit your Paragon CRT lenses. Once they’re ready, we’ll walk you through the fitting process and provide detailed instructions on how to wear and care for them.

We’re here for you every step of the way. You’ll have follow-up appointments to track your progress and ensure everything’s going great. With our personalized care and guidance, switching to ortho-k is easy. Contact us to learn more.

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