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Telehealth – An Alternative to Coming into the Office during the COVID-19 Epidemic in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area

If you are currently experiencing and eye emergency or any urgent issue, and you are unable or feel uncomfortable, due to COVID-19 restrictions, to come into our office to see an eye doctor in person, please call us to schedule an appointment via webcam meeting. This would be over a private, HIPPA-compliant platform.

If the doctor determines that he/she cannot resolve an urgent concern without seeing you in person, we can arrange an appointment at three of our locations during our limited office hours so that no other patients are in the office at the same time.

Please know that the purpose of telehealth eye visits is to treat eye problems such as eye pain, suddenly blurred vision, itching eyes, eye infection, watery eyes, burning or red eyes, eye injuries and abrasions, as well as other acute eye problems.

To request a telehealth visit, please email Dr. Josiah Young at, and he will follow up with you.

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