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Digital Lens Technology

We now have digital lens technology for your glasses prescription!

We’ve upgraded our offerings in spectacle lens technology. Opticare Vision Center now offer digitally designed lenses that give you enhanced optics for the clearest possible vision in your glasses. To use these special lenses, the doctors and opticians at your Opticare office will take special measurements that are used to make digital lenses.

digital lenses cincinnatiWhat are digital lenses?

Digital lenses are spectacle lenses that are fabricated using special machinery that processes digital information. This information is taken from special measurements done at the time of your appointment. These measurements are very precise, which allows the machines that fabricate your lenses to choose the optimum thickness and power adjustments to deliver crisp, clear vision throughout the lens.

Individualized Lenses

Because we offer digital lenses, we can now offer individualized prescriptions. This means that like your fingerprints, your prescription glasses will be unique to you.

How it works – When you choose your frame in the office, the optician will adjust your frame so that it is comfortable and then take a few extra measurements. These measurements are combined with the digital prescription measurements to customize the prescription for your eyes in that particular set of glasses. This yields the widest possible field of crisp, clear vision, which is especially helpful in no-line progressive bifocals.

All other standard lenses use default values for the frame, which leaves room for error in your prescription. This ultimately results in sub-optimal viewing conditions in specific parts of the lens. Using the individualized lenses like the Puresite Ultima, you’ll notice an improvement in vision from your old glasses right away.


“This is the first time that I’ve worn no-line bifocals that I haven’t had to move my head around to find the sweet spot in the lens.”– Joseph Y.

“Thank you again for making me a pair of your Pure Site Ultima glasses! As I mentioned to you I am visually very critical. I always had great vision until I became 40 and from there it went downhill! I now need glasses most of the time. I’ve tried a lot of the better known progressives and haven’t liked many of them. When I first put on my PureSite, I noticed how wide the field of view was. Regardless of where I moved my eyes I could see clearly. This is rare! I also find this lens to be versatile. I can wear it for short term computer work, to drive in and to read a book. I give it an A+!! “ – Susan C.

“I absolutely love my PureSite Ultima lenses! With these lenses I do not have to turn my head to see clearly. The peripheral vision is clear! As far as the Corridor I don’t even feel like there is one. I can see clearly at every distance all the way across the lens. I drive a lot and love these lenses! When I’m taking inventory in an office, or writing up an order I don’t have any trouble with the lenses. They are great for every activity.” – Lisa H.

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