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Wilmington frame board Opticare Vision CentersWilmington, is a small town in Clinton County, OH that offers affordable living and a sense of community with great education and professional opportunities. Therefore many young families are drown to the small suburb, located a short drive from Cincinnati, as it offers a great environment for young families.

Being a leading optometry practice in the city, the eye doctors at Opticare Vision Center get the change to take care of individuals & families and offer them the best gift of all – clear vision for many years!

eye machineEye Care Services Provided At Our Practice

At Opticare Vision Center in Wilmington, Ohio we offer vision care for children and adults. Our eye care experts are here to provide comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye care, eye emergencies as well as diagnosis and treatment for all eye diseases.

Pediatric Eye Care

Wilmington is a town with many young families, and as parents many of them are very conscious of their child’s vision needs. Our eye doctors provide excellent pediatric eye care for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. With few simple tests we can detect eye conditions such as “lazy eye” or strabismus that can be easily treated at our practice. Undetected and untreated these eye conditions can effect your child’s ability to read, write and preform well at school.

Contact Lenses Fitting

If you suffer of dry eye, astigmatism, presbyopia or keratoconus you still can wear contact lenses. The fitting might be difficult, but it’s surely possible. Often, people who years ago were advised to stick with eyeglasses due to their eye condition wear contacts quite successfully. Let our optometrists to take a look at your eye health and offer you possible contact lens solutions!

Supreme Eyewear in Wilmington, OH

Wilmington frames Opticare Vision CentersIn the past people used to wear eyeglasses to help them see clearly ot to correct their vision. Today eyeglasses and sunwear are a trendy fashion accessories. Top brands in the fashion industry, such as Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boos, Coach and more have successful eyewear lines. At our optometry practice we carry a selection of designer frames and sunglasses to fit any budget and lifestyle.

Call 937-382-6643 to schedule an appointment with our Wilmington eye doctors today!

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