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DRI & OCT Tests

We are excited to announce that we now provide two new services at our Newport, Cherry Grove, and Milford locations, designed to improve our doctors’ capacity to track your eye health.

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1 – DRI (Digital Retinal Imaging):

  • DRI takes detailed images of the inside of your eyes.
  • Can show the effects of high blood pressure in the eyes, and allows for earlier diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye tumors, and other eye health conditions.


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2 – OCT (Glaucoma Diagnostic Screening)

  • Uses CAT SCAN technology to check the area of your retina where Glaucoma can be detected earliest.
  • This enables us to better assess your risk for developing Glaucoma.


How frequently should I have these assessments done?

  • Every 3-4 years, if we find that your eyes are in good health.
  • More frequently, if we diagnose areas of concern with your eye health.

What is my out-of-pocket expense? Will my insurance cover these assessments?

  • The DRI and OCT are $35.00 each, or you may have both done for just $49.00.
  • If an eye disease is diagnosed as a result of these assessments, the costs may be covered by your medical insurance. Your out-of-pocket expense will be reimbursed if we receive payment from your insurance.

Circle One: DRI only ($35) OCT only ($35) DRI & OCT ($49)

_____ I agree to have this assessment as recommended by my doctor.

_____ I decline to have this assessment, even though my doctor recommends it.

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