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Dr. George Landon (retired)


Dr. George Landon has been in optometry for a remarkably long time (since 1969!) and has come to know Optometry like the back of his hand.

Dr. Landon graduated from Ohio State University and holds a BSc. In Physiological Optics and a Doctor of Optometry. He is an AOA Life Member, a member of the OOA and an Optometric Consultant.

Dr. Landon grew up in rural Geauga county in northeastern Ohio and went to High School in Chardon, Ohio.

In his spare time, Dr. Landon loves to spend time with his 11 grandchildren (all still less than 9 years old) and travel.

When asked his favorite patient story, Dr. Landon relates:

“A patient brought in a mangled pair of glasses and told me his bull stomped on them. I said that I hope you didn't have them on at the time (tongue in cheek). He said that's exactly what happened six months ago and he had just gotten out of the hospital. Red faced, I apologized and proceeded with his eye exam.”

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