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Digital Lens Technology
for Optimal Vision

Opticare Vision Center proudly offers state-of-the-art digital lens technology, revolutionizing how you experience vision correction. Our advanced digital lenses are precisely crafted to fit your chosen frames, ensuring exceptional clarity and comfort.

What Are Digital Lenses?

Our team uses computer-controlled processes to create quality digital lenses, ensuring they are perfectly shaped to your prescription for clearer, more accurate vision.

Unlike traditional mass-produced lenses, our digital lenses are customized for the specific angle, distance, and position at which you will wear them in your eyeglass frame. This optimization results in a clearer, sharper, and wider field of vision, reducing common issues like blurriness or distortion, especially in the peripheral areas of the lens.

Individualized Lenses at Opticare Vision Center

Because we offer digital lenses, we can now offer individualized prescriptions. This means that, like your fingerprints, your prescription glasses will be unique.

How Do Digital Frames Work?

When you choose your frame in the office, the optician will adjust your frame to be comfortable and then take a few extra measurements. These measurements are combined with digital prescription measurements to customize the prescription for your eyes in that particular set of glasses. This produces the widest possible field of crisp, clear vision, which is especially helpful in no-line progressive bifocals.

All other standard lenses use default values for the frame, leaving room for error in your prescription. This ultimately results in sub-optimal viewing conditions in specific parts of the lens. Using individualized lenses like the Puresite Ultima, you’ll immediately notice an improvement in vision from your old glasses.

Discover the superior clarity and precision of our digital lens technology. Schedule an appointment to experience customized lenses tailored to your vision needs.

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